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Experience world-class art and functional design in every space, in any style.

Interior Inspirations is a top-notch design firm that focuses on giving you the best possible aesthetic you could imagine. It is no secret that interior design in Orlando has always been our forte, and we consistently deliver satisfaction to our slew of customers. Here are some of the services you can take advantage of from the best interior designer in Orlando.

Custom art and panels

We believe that art is essential to bringing out the character of your space. It is more than just creating a beautiful aesthetic. Your environment should tell a story, and that is what we aim to do with our custom art and panel service. Our team is amazing at bringing together colors, textures, and whatever other elements may factor into the perfect design. As you would imagine, your needs sit at the center of all we do, even when we give our professional recommendations.

Custom tiles and walls

 Tiles and walls are two areas that are traditionally thought of in a very bland light. However, we see them as wide-open spaces to allow your personality to shine. Whether you like marble, porcelain, ceramic, etc., our team stands ready to make your dreams come alive. Your imagination is the only limitation in the mix, as you can enjoy beautiful art pieces on the largest canvas possible.

Custom woodwork and cabinetry

Woodwork walks the fine line between boldness and subtlety in your environment. From choosing the right type of wood to the colors and the pieces that make up the design, we are equipped to do it all. While wood is one of the most traditional internal elements, it can also be used to create a contemporary feel for your property. Let us do what we do best for you.

Outdoor spaces

For some, the idea of an interior designer handling an outdoor space is incomprehensible. However, we know that many structures fostering from the open-air tremendously transform when our team goes to work. You may wish to spruce up the appearance of a structure in your garden or even on your roof. If it is not about the appearance, you may wish to simply make it more usable for whatever application you have in mind. Whether you need a functional or aesthetic overhaul, we are here for you.

contemporary steel and white leather by German artist
show room
show room

Our Interior Design in Orlando

Our interior designs in Orlando go beyond the core offerings discussed above. Our clients are at the center of everything we do, so we believe in consistently going the extra mile to leave them pleased. Creativity is just a part of what we do two create never-ending beauty.